Digital Soup Kitchen Recording

Keith Lykens

Keith worked as the supervisor and manager of tech support at Alesis Corp for 11 years. During that tenure he worked with such artists as Rush, Queensreich, Steve Miller, Dolly Parton, Bootsy Collins, The Moody Blues, NIN, and many others. He also worked on the development and testing of many Alesis products, including the Andromeda, the HD24 digital recorder, the MasterLink, IO/26, and QuadraVerb 2. Keith has worked and recorded in some of the best studios in LA over the past 20 years.

Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis- Jamie has a degree in Music Composition from Penn State University. She has worked and recorded in the finest studios in Los Angeles with major producers and recording artists including XYZ, Vixen, and Astrid Plane.  She currently teaches piano and  voice to private students as well as assists in arrangement and keyboard programming at the Digital Soup Kitchen.