Digital Soup Kitchen Recording Studio

Paso Robles, CA

Digital Soup Kitchen provides the finest audio recording and editing using the latest Logic Pro and Ozone 8 sofware, automated Flying Fader mixing on a fully digital console, and the best Pro level analog mic-pres and compressors. We have an excellent keyboard collection that specializes in analog sounds and samples. Electronic and analog drums are available as are tube and solid state guitar and bass amps. The Soup Kitchen has 3 isolation rooms and a comfortable control room. We also specialize in drum replacement. Mastering and burning to CD of your final mix is also available.  Our low rates will allow you to take the time to get it right.

Want to take your own home recording to the next level? We are always happy to help you with your own home recording. Use our drum room and mics to get your basic tracks, or use our vocal booth, mic-pres, and compressors to get the perfect vocal take. We’ll burn the files to disk so you can take them to your home DAW to finish.

We also can provide a professional keyboard performance and/ or arrangement for your recording using our vast keyboard collection-if you need keyboards on your recording, call us first.

Podcast production  and voice-over projects are welcome at the Digital Soup Kitchen.